This War of Mine

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Версия 1.5.5 Преди 4 месецa

Описание на This War of Mine

Play this fast-paced game and see how long you can survive!

Do you love action games? Are you always on the look for a new app that will test your skills and limits? If your answer was yes, you should download This War Of Mine now. Unlike many other games within the same segment, you won’t be a soldier fighting for survival but rather a group of civilians that are trying to survive.

With This War Of Mine you will have to look for food as your city was destroyed, as well as look for medicine, avoid the danger always around you and hide from enemy snipers and hostile scavengers. For the first time, you won’t be a trained soldier and you will finally get the chance to play on a completely different angle.

You will have different challenges according to the time of the day you are in. When playing during day time, you will have to look out for snipers and maintain your hideout and keep the other survivals alive. On the other hand, at night, you will have a completely different mission. You will have to go on a scavengers hunt with your fellow civilian friends and go through unique locations that will keep you alive.

There are other features that will make your gaming experience special, such as the fact that This War Of Mine is inspired by true events and you can craft different weapons, alcohol, beds and stoves to make sure you can survive. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience this incredible game, designed specially for mobile and download This War Of Mine now!

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APK версия 1.5.5
Съвместимост Android 4.0.1+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Разработчик 11 bit studios
Политика за поверителност http://www.11bitstudios.com/11bitfiles/privacy_policy.pdf

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